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Wildfire is a game about saving the world. Opponents like rampant poverty, gender inequality, inadequate education and environmental degradation cannot be defeated by marching armies, secret potions or magic swords. This is a game about how they can be defeated.

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Through volunteerism, social interaction, and nonviolent activism, players will explore a sprawling urban landscape, building up grassroots support and seeking legislation on key Millennium Development Goals. Standing in their way are menacing “agents,” representing various forces opposing positive societal change.

Wildfire’s ultimate goal is not only to offer a challenging, immersive gameplay experience, but also to promote universal awareness of the UN MDG’s, and how they can be achieved through concrete action.

System Requirements

Software: Windows XP, Vista, or 7.
You'll also need .NET 3.5 and XNA 3.1
(If you don't have them, Wildfire will install for you.)

Hardware: Core Duo class CPU or higher, 1 GB RAM or higher, Graphics Card with Pixel Shader 2.0+
(GeForce 6xxx series, Radeon X2xxx series, or better.)

Some Notes

Wildfire also supports the XBox 360 Controller, if you have one. Unfortunately, the tutorials only describe keyboard + mouse controls, but you can figure it out.

To see Tweets in-game, make sure to link Wildfire with your account. You can find this in the settings screen.

Older site is here. Has some extra information you might be interested in.

Contact Us!

You can email us with your questions, suggestions, or comments at: or message us on Twitter. (team, philip, levi)

Copyright © 2010, Philip Cheang, Wilhansen Li, Rodrick Tan, & Levi Tan Ong. Mentored by Kenneth Yu. Many thanks to our friends and family, without whom this wouldn't have been possible.